The 6 Things I Never Leave My House Without in Winter


I’ll be the first one to say it—I definitely don’t live somewhere where winter could be described as brutal. But even if ice and snow aren’t in the cards for the south this year, that doesn’t mean the dry air and (sometimes) freezing temps aren’t creating dry winter skin or making me uncomfortable.

In fact, the cold can bother me so much that if we’ve scheduled plans on an icy night, I’ll be tempted to cancel. That being said, feeling defeated by the weather stinks. And while the inconveniences that come with winter can’t be completely avoided, there are six things I always carry with me that make everything more bearable—no matter how cold.

This moisturizing cream for dry skin is crazy nourishing. It applies thick but absorbs quickly, almost as if your skin was taking a drink. I’ve healed cracked cuticle in less than 12 hours with this product!

Skin Food by Weleda is a cult-favorite skin routine addition among aestheticians and models (just search “skin food” on Google) for good reason. The product reviews on Amazon speak for themselves.

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I have some sad, painful memory of chapped lips from winters as a child. It took the fun out of everything, so now I’m ultra-diligent about protecting my lips in the winter.

While I like a lightweight lip conditioner in the warmer months, I prefer a thicker lip protectant in the winter. I carry Rosebud Salve in my bag and apply Burt’s Bees’ Overnight Lip mask before bed.

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Did you know that cold weather makes your phone battery die faster? A portable charger can keep your smartphone alive. (Bonus: I use mine year-round for airplanes and working outside of the home!)

Portable chargers come in stylish colors, and most are small enough to slide into your pocket, bag, or backpack. I love this tortoise charger under $50 and use my white portable charger regularly.

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A piping hot coffee on cold days is a no-brainer! While I love my insulated Yeti mugs, they don’t fit in my car’s cupholders.

Enter Stojo. This collapsible coffee cup brand makes the cutest cups in muted colors and a variety of sizes. These little cups are so compact that they can be stored in your pocket or purse when you’ve finished your latte or tea!

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Realizing you’ve forgotten gloves on a frigid day is rough—I did this walking around NYC last December and vowed I’d never go through that again.

I recommend keeping a pair of gloves in your bag so that you don’t have to remember to pack them every time. Smartphone compatible gloves are ideal—I prefer touchscreen gloves so that frozen fingers from texting or navigating aren’t an issue!

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Static—the winter enemy of long-haired women everywhere. It wasn’t until I got a dog and, consequentially, starting doing more laundry, that I realized how much static was happening throughout the season.

The lack of moisture in the air produces static on your clothes, which in turn produces static in your hair: fly-away central. I recommend stashing five or so folded dryer sheets in your wallet. Tame flyaways on the go by running a dryer sheet over your hair. The scented sheets are a nice refresher!

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Preventing chapped lips, dry winter skin, cold fingertips, a coffee-less morning, and more just takes a few simple additions to your routine. Just add these to your handbag in the colder months and your skin, hair, and body will thank you for it!

If you have any addition tips for preventing the woes of dry winter skin and for braving the cold, I’d love to hear in the comments below! xo