February Q&A

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Welcome to the second edition of the monthly Q&A series! In these posts, I answer common reader fashion, fitness, home, and personal questions. I also share helpful tips and my favorite products of the month.

Let’s jump in!

Do you have a clothing budget?

I do have a clothing budget, but it is likely higher than average as I consider clothing a business expense (even though I can’t write it off). I pay for clothing entirely out of pocket, so I only invest in things I really love and think my readers will, too. Please don’t compare yourselves or your closets to fashion influencers as their budgets are likely higher than average! We invest in order to provide inspiration and styling tips—it’s our job.

What’s your routine with food? Do you grocery shop weekly? Meal plan?

I’ve learned that I’m way too spontaneous to abide by meal plans. My grocery list doesn’t vary much week to week, and I grocery shop Sunday and Wednesday. We always have what I call “create your own bowl/salad/wrap” items on hand: cooked proteins, fresh vegetables, starches (wraps, rice, cooked sweet potatoes), herbs, and condiments. These can be quickly thrown together for lunch & dinner, which is what we usually do! See my healthy grocery shopping list for what I buy weekly.

Where are your bedroom nightstands from?

They’re by Eloquence and I found them online here (this store just wrapped a Eloquence 20% off sale, so keep your eyes peeled!). Also love this gorgeous washed wood nightstand from Anthropologie under $400, and this is a beautiful neutral nightstand option under $200.

Can you share the details of your supplements for fatigue?

Yes! My “fatigue” story highlight on Instagram has more details about supplements for fatigue:

Dr. Jolene Brighten Balance (GAME CHANGING)

B12 Complex

Thorne Iron

Thorne Adrenal Cortex

What’s the name of the blue skin serum you use at night?

Neocutis Bioserum. They just released an updated version called Neocutis Bioserum Firm which is supposed to have more tightening properties. I did a full blog post on my PM skincare routine—it’s also saved in my story highlights.

Why did you remove the blue bench from your sunroom?

We’re redesigning the sunroom and it just didn’t make sense space-wise. I had mixed feelings about removing it! It’s been there since we bought the house and was Huck’s spot—he loved to nap there and look out the window at our neighbor’s two goldendoodle puppies. 🙁

Is there one place I can read about your skincare regimen?

I’m planning to share a detailed post on my skincare journey (products, treatments I’ve tried, healing from acne, etc.) this month.

Can you share more decor styling tips?

I’m so happy you guys love home content! I’m planning to share coffee table decor ideas this month. If there’s anything else you want to see house/decor-wise, let me know in the comments or DM me on Instagram.

I have the dilemma of mascara smudging under my eyes by 10am. Recommendations?

I’m not a mascara “junkie” as most brands irritate my eyes by the end of the day. That said, I love Pacifica mascara and never have trouble with it smudging. My recommendation is to apply lightly to your lower lash line (if at all) to reduce chances of that.

Product Faves

Things I loved last month.

J. Crew Midi Skirt / Last seen here, now on sale in all colors.

Body Drops / The newest addition to my tanning routine, these body drops look so natural.

Emerald Midi Dress / This feminine dress (seen here) is perfect for a Feb wedding.

Carly Coat / My bestselling coat! It’s 50% off, under $100, and available in 4 colors.

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