Honest Dyson Corrale Review (on Wavy, Fine Hair)

woman using dyson corrale straightener on fine hair
woman straightening hair with dyson corrale flat iron
woman holding dyson corrale flat iron
dyson corrale straightener being used on long hair

Dyson hair tools have become a staple in my styling routine, which you’ll know if you’ve been reading my blog for a while! I was gifted the Dyson hair dryer (and reviewed it here), then bought the Airwrap of my own volition (and reviewed it here). So when Dyson reached out to ask if I’d review their straightener, the Dyson Corrale, how could I not?!

Dyson claims that the Corrale hair straightener offers enhanced styling with half the damage of traditional flat irons, but most intriguing of all…it’s cord-free. It’s definitely an investment, so even though Dyson sent me the Corrale, please know that you’ll find only my honest, unfiltered opinions below. Keep reading for my honest Dyson Corrale review, including my take on the cord-free design, performance, pros and cons, how it worked for my hair type, and who I think should (and shouldn’t) buy it.

dyson corrale straightener with charging stand and charge cord

My Honest Dyson Corrale Review

If you love to straighten your hair, are a professional stylist, or are looking for a way to achieve straight (or curled!) hair with less heat damage, the Corrale is absolutely worth it.

I lived through the ‘90s when straight, sleek hair was the style, so I’ve used a lot of straighteners in my life (Revlon, Chi, etc.), but this one takes the cake. The two things that pushed me over the edge are the cordless design (I hope all hot tools adopt this as I really didn’t know what I was missing) and the flex plates. The bend in the plates helped me grab and straighten more hair in one pass, and it also gives the Corrale a little advantage when using it to curl hair.

Not that it’s crazy important, but the charging dock is a nice, sleek addition to my vanity, and the black nickel and fuchsia design is really pretty. The travel case it comes with also looks premium. The main things I’d say to watch out for are the weight, which is heavier than average due to the battery inside, and the run time. If you have crazy thick hair or very curly hair, 30-40 minutes may not provide enough runway for you to complete your style before it runs out of power, but I offer a semi-solution for that below.

dyson corrale straightener in changing stand

What’s So Good About the Dyson Straightener?

Here’s a quick summary of what makes the Corrale different from other flat irons:

  • Cord-Free Design—It’s a cord-free hair straightener. This is huge. You can style from anywhere, anytime. Away from the outlet, around your house, in the car for a touchup—the choice is yours.
  • Flexing Plates—The plates flex (bend) to gather hair and apply tension evenly, so you can usually get the look you’re after with one pass with fewer flyaways. These also give it more versatility for curling or waving your hair.
  • Intelligent Heat Control—You’ll see heat settings on most flat irons, and the Corrale has three. However, it also regulates heat 100 times per second to ensure the plates don’t over- or underheat.
  • Safety Features—The Corrale turns completely off after ten minutes of inactivity. It also has a safety lock that conceals the hot plates so that you can store it immediately after use and prevent accidents, which I think is especially useful if you have children who can reach countertops.
  • Universal Voltage—If you like to travel with your hair tools, it has universal voltage and features a flight mode feature (aka airplane mode) with a flight-ready tag so it can travel in your carry-on luggage.
dyson flat iron with charging cord, charging dock, and packaging

Dyson Corrale Straightener Design

Here’s an overview of what comes with the Corrale and the design of the straightener itself. When you unbox the Dyson flat iron, you’ll get:

  • A charger, including a charging dock and charging cable.
  • A heat-resistant travel pouch.
  • The Corrale, which features an OLED screen that displays the battery level, three precise heat settings (330°, 365°, and 410° fahrenheit), and manganese copper alloy plates.
blogger dyson corrale straightener review

Dyson Corrale Before and Afters

Here are my Dyson Corrale results. Full disclosure: My natural hair is thick, wavy, and a little frizzy. I have a faded brazilian blowout in these photos, and my hair air dries smoother and more frizz-free than it would otherwise due to the treatment. Without the brazilian, I’ve got frizzy, wavy hair, but even with it, I have little kinks and curls around the base of my neck and along my hairline.

I showered the morning of these photos and let my hair air dry completely. Below, you see my hair go from air-dried to straightened with the Corrale.

dyson corrale review before and after on wavy, fine hair

Things to Know Before You Make a Decision

Here are some key considerations when deciding whether or not the Corrale is worth it for you:

  • Weight—It’s heavier than I expected. This is because of the powerful 4-cell lithium-ion battery in the unit, so you’re essentially trading weight for a cord-free experience.
  • Run Time—On a full charge, which takes just over an hour, I squeezed 30-40 minutes of battery life. This was plenty of time for my hair length and thickness, and I have a LOT of hair, but it may not work for everyone. One solution is to place it back in the charging station to recharge as you move between sections, which should give it a little extra juice.
  • Plate Size—The solid plates are smaller than I expected, so it works best if you style one small section of hair at a time. This can feel like it’s taking forever if you have a lot of hair and are in a rush.
  • Learning Curve—Like all hair styling tools, there’s a learning curve. Not so much because it’s difficult to use, but the flexing plates are just different than your average straightener. They take some getting used to but aren’t bothersome.
  • Price—It goes without saying that this hair tool is expensive. Keep scrolling to read my take on whether or not it’s worth the price point for you.

So, Should You Get a Dyson Corrale?

All in all, the Dyson Corrale is in line with Dyson’s hair tools, vacuums, and other products with regard to quality. It’s expertly engineered, is a step above the rest in terms of functionality, design, and features, and it just feels and looks like a professional-level hair tool.

The price tag won’t be for everyone, but if you want a cord-free straightener that can straighten or wave your hair with minimal damage in less time, I think you’ll be really happy with the investment.

If you love the tool but it’s out of your price point, definitely check Nordstrom Rack as I’ve seen the Corrale up to $200 off there!

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Dyson Corrale Review FAQs

Can you use the Dyson Corrale on wet hair?

No, the Dyson straightener shouldn’t be used on wet hair. The Airwrap, Dyson’s tool for drying and styling simultaneously, is designed to be used on wet, damp, or dry hair.

How much does the Dyson Corrale cost?

The Dyson hair straightener costs $499.99. Dyson offers payment options on Dyson.com, and it’s also available at third-party retailers like Nordstrom, Ulta, Amazon, and QVC, some of which may offer it in a bundle (with brushes, for example) or discount it throughout the year.

Can the Dyson Corrale curl hair?

Yes, it can. Grab the section you want, turn the Corrale 360 degrees toward or away from your face, then slide it down the section. You can see a video of how to curl with the Corrale straightener here.

Should I buy the Dyson Corrale or Airwrap?

That’s up to you! The price point is similar, but the main difference between the Airwrap and the Corrale is that the Corrale specializes in straightening and the Airwrap specializes in drying and styling with bounce and volume. For help deciding, I recommend reading my Dyson Airwrap review.

Does the Dyson Coralle damage hair?

It has features that help reduce hair damage by up to 50%, but it doesn’t prevent heat damage entirely. Try the lowest temperature setting your hair responds to. I also recommend using a heat protectant whenever you use it and work on getting savvy enough with the Corrale that you can get most of your hair sections styled in one pass.

Does the Dyson Straightener come with a warranty?

Yes, the Dyson Corrale comes with a warranty. All Dyson machines come with what Dyson calls a ‘hassle-free warranty.’ This includes the repair or replacement and ongoing support of your machine.

Is the Dyson Coralle worth it?

Whether the Corrale is worth the $500 price depends on your budget, hair type, and routines. It’s 100% worth it for professional stylists, people who style their hair straight daily, anyone who wants the best cord-free hot tool available, and women who want to minimize thermal damage. If the price point scares you, be sure to check Nordstrom Rack where I’ve seen the Corrale up to $200 off.

There you have it! If I didn’t answer something in this Dyson Corrale review, please feel free to leave it in a comment below.

For more information about my hair care routine, hair styling tips, hair tutorials, and hair tool reviews, including my review of the Dyson Supersonic blow dryer and the Dyson Airwrap Styler, visit the Hair section of the blog!

Thank you to Dyson for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.