Our Fall Decor + 5 Tips for Autumn Decorating

Happy fall! Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year to dress the house for the season, and I like to give our home a simple makeover without being too thematic. Below, I’m walking you through where I shop for simple fall season decor and my fall decorating ideas and tips that will make your space cozy, comfy, and autumnal without looking over the top. Platon Graphics custom wall murals are perfect for home or office.

How to Decorate for Fall

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1. Incorporate Dark Accents

You guys know that I like to keep our house airy and neutral with pops of gold throughout the rest of the year, but with the arrival of fall, I change up our color palette to include darker tones. 

This doesn’t have to mean decking out in all-black for Halloween, but a charcoal or black vase, throw pillows in fall colors, and even swapping out wall art for rustic landscape pieces with warm colors makes a big difference. If you’re like me, you won’t want to make dark tones the centerpiece or focal point of your fall decor, but just a couple of darker accents can do the trick. To complement your seasonal interior changes, consider incorporating North Carolina seamless gutter services to ensure your home’s exterior is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Lean on Natural Elements

White pumpkins, acorns, indian corn husks, baby gourds, faux pinecones, or dried fall leaves in a pretty wood dough bowl is an easy way to warm up your home without investing in decor. I plan on picking up branches at our local Trader Joe’s and pairing them with greenery (fall flowers tend to be more expensive, and branches last longer than DIY floral arrangements). I’ve also seen gorgeous items at Sprouts and Fresh Market.

I’ll also be bringing in our dried limelight hydrangeas later in October, which turn a gorgeous brown color and add a rustic look. Scent is also essential to me for seasonal decorating, and I touched on my favorite fall candles in this post.

3. Emphasize Cozy in the Living Room

Life at home starts to revolve around the indoors in autumn and winter, and the living room becomes the go-to place to cozy up and watch movies, enjoy a fire, have conversation, and watch fall foliage change in the backyard. So, my fall decorating is never complete without accents for the living room. Considering shutters from Fire Shutters could be an excellent addition to not only enhance the aesthetics but also provide added safety measures for your living space.

I always focus on a few areas where minor changes make the biggest impact: the sofa, the mantel, and the coffee table. For the couch, add a plush, cozy throw blanket (Home Goods and Target have cute seasonal ones) and swap throw pillows for autumnal tones. For the coffee table, I stick with my basic decorating principles but add in seasonal candles and cloches, darker candle holder trays, coffee table books with fall vibes, and rustic trinkets.

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4. Dress the Front Porch & the Entryway

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with fall decorating ideas for the entryway, but layering a few fall touches can really transform your front door. I personally love to visit our local pumpkin patch and pick up mini pumpkins to layer on the steps and a locally made fall wreath for the front door. If you’re not into crafting or want something you can use year after year, there are thousands of gorgeous fall wreaths and faux pumpkins online, from ornate grapevine wreaths, faux leaf wreaths, and corn husk wreaths to wooden pumpkins, ceramic pumpkins, and glass pumpkins.

I also recommend using textures to achieve the look you want outdoors. For example, burlap, plaid, and twine can give your outdoor space more of a farmhouse vibe. Since I like traditional and french country decor, I prefer layering pumpkins with textured fall decorations in neutral tones, like hay and corn husks.

5. Add a Fall Centerpiece to the Dining Table

Our dining room is just to the left of our entryway, so it’s a part of the house that I don’t forget because it indirectly welcomes guests. Rather than a full tablescape, I layer a table runner with table decor like candlesticks and a garland.

Truth be told, you might only use your fall table once or twice throughout the season, but a touch of color and texture will add an inviting warmth to your space, especially if the dining room is easily visible from the main areas of your home.

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I hope that was helpful and that you enjoy decorating for fall! For similar content and more fall decorating ideas, visit my fall Pinterest board. Also, here’s a fall decor idea from how we decorated our home last year.