My Landscape Inspiration and Pretty Accents for Your Own

Something that’s taken me by surprise over the last month is my interest in landscaping. My Mom has always had a green thumb, and she even planted two beds in our yard last summer, but I didn’t start to take to the hobby until this spring. That’s why hiring experienced tree service professionals and lawn care specialists to aid in this project is the right move.

I’ve been searching for ways to express my creativity while quarantined, and this has become one of them. As we take a pause on interior design (we recently wrapped up plans for our guest bedroom and sunroom), my attention has turned to our outdoor spaces, where the retractable roof systems Melbourne added to their garden area. Today I thought I’d share the places and photographs I’m using to inspire our landscape design, along with some pretty planters and garden accessories for your own. Landscaping with the help of landscaping experts can give your house a new and improved look. If your yard is overgrown with weeds, grass, or bushes, it may be time to bring in professionals from to restore order and maintain its appearance. In addition, if you want to improve your driveway and parking space, you may consider employing the services of asphalt paving contractors. Those who are planning to add a deck in their garden may use Hardwood Decking materials. They may also consider using brazilian ipe decking Georgia if they want a more durable decking material.

How I Start Any Creative Project

I like to gather inspiration prior to embarking on a new project. Typically I’ll create a Pinterest board, which gives me a high-level view of what I’m drawn to and allows me to notice trends. From there, I’ll organize my ideas and create a direction for the project rather than jumping straight to action items. I find that the outcome of any creative endeavor (outfit styling, coffee table decor, a new hairstyle, etc.) is much better when I take the time to do this. Here are the three trends I’m noticing from my boards.

1. Aiming for Balance

One of the main patterns I noticed from my inspiration board is that I’m drawn to exteriors that balance structure and wilder shapes. Landscapes that are totally freewheeling with tall grasses, mixed colored blooms, and overflowing flower beds have their own appeal, but I think they become a little messy without the structured backdrop and context of evergreens, fences/arbors, and manicured shrubs that you often see in traditional southern and french country landscaping. If your backyard needs a makeover, it might be a great idea to hire a Landscaping Mandurah company to create a beautiful and inviting outdoor space.

2. Keeping with a Neutral Palette

The second thing I noticed, which came as no surprise, is that I was drawn to a neutral palette with evergreens serving the backdrop for flowers and grasses with whites, silvery hues, and muted tones, like lavender. It’s the kind of aesthetic touch that a Landscape company could expertly bring to life, transforming outdoor spaces into havens of tranquility and beauty.

3. Tying in Meaningful Places

I tend to go out of my way to make little things in my life have meaning. All my projects take more time because of this, but the end result is undoubtedly more special. I could choose practically anything to install here in North Carolina (we have a great planting zone), but I’d rather be picky and select those that have sentimental value to us as a family. That’s why I’m taking inspiration from Pippin Hill, the vineyard where we were married (limelight hydrangeas, boxwoods, and flower beds), and California, where we lived for two years (lavender, herb box, and neutral tones). We’ll probably incorporate popular varieties from our home states (mine is N.C. and David’s is Mississippi) as well.

French Country Landscaping: Planters, Pots, and More

These are my favorite french country landscaping and gardening accessories for a romantic yet structured touch at home.