Where to Find a Healthy Lunch in Raleigh, N.C.

While I love cooking and eating at home most of the time, sometimes I just need some variety or want someone else to do the work—anyone else this way?

You guys love when I share my grocery lists, healthy eating hauls, and meal ideas on Instagram, so I thought I’d put together a list of the best healthy lunch spots in Raleigh.

These are the places I recommend heading to when you’re out and about in the city and looking for something quick!

Healthy Lunch Ideas in Raleigh, N.C.


My weekday go-to, as you know if you follow my Instagram stories. They have delicious seasonal salads that rotate every few months, customer favorite staples on the menu, or you can create your own salad. I love the new cauliflower rice bowls for when I want something warm!


Similar to Chopt, Diced does create-your-own salads and there’s also the option to make your salad a wrap. I like this for a quick lunch if you’re nearby the Cameron Village/Wade Avenue area.

Irregardless Cafe

My recommendation for a lunch meeting. It’s minutes from downtown and everything is so fresh! It made my list of the Best Restaurants in Raleigh, too—proof that this place really does it all.


We’re so fortunate to have incredible mediterranean spots in Raleigh, and this is my pick. I like to get a chicken kabob and pick two sides—any of the vegetable or bean salads are incredibly flavorful. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, to be honest.


This is located in North Hills right by the Pure Barre, so it’s perfect for post-workout or a mid-shopping lunch break. I describe Grabbagreen as a “meal prep but not at home” type of place. You can create your own smoothie, salad, or bowl with healthy ingredients like vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, chicken, and more.


David and I love this smoothie spot so much. When I’m not in the mood for solids (or don’t have time), I pick up a protein smoothie from here. They make them like I make them at home (thick and creamy like ice cream) and are dedicated to using fresh, organic, and clean ingredients and protein powders. Highly recommend!


A newer addition to the North Hills area, David and I went here for lunch recently and all the food is so good. He got a tuna poke bowl and I got a wedge salad with grilled chicken. Another great choice for a lunch meeting, since so many business are located in the buildings above and nearby.


We love this for lunch, dinner, and brunch. It’s a catchall restaurant with something for everyone! At lunch, I love their specials as well as the potato and arugula salad. The dressing is so memorable and good.

Healthy Chain Lunches in Raleigh


David likes to get a salad bowl with fresh veggies, steak, a little bit of guac, and salsa.

Zoe’s Kitchen

I love their salads with chicken and David enjoys their protein power plate (the sauteed onions are divine!).


I probably ate Panera 4 times per week in college. My favorites are the vegetable soup, the turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread, and any salad with grilled chicken and no cheese.

If you’re in the Triangle, don’t miss my post on the Best Restaurants in Raleigh. What are your favorite health lunch spots in Raleigh? I’d love to know!