Denim Refresh: Jean Trends for Fall 2022

jean trends 2022

No matter what may be hanging in your closet, nothing beats a comfortable pair of jeans. Last week, I touched on the fall 2022 fashion trends, and today I’m highlighting a well-loved staple: jean trends for fall 2022.

All women value being on trend differently, and thankfully, the wide range of styles this year offers something for everyone. As for me, no matter what the silhouette of the moment is, I stick to options that feel good on my body and work for my lifestyle, and I encourage you to do the same!

jean trends fall 2022
denim trends 2022
denim trends fall 2022
jeans trends 2022

This year, I’m prepping for fall by resurfacing my long-time favorite jeans and checking out the 2022 denim trends to see what resonates.

Whether your jeans selection is in need of a refresh or you simply want to know what’s in, these are the top denim trends of fall 2022. I also included a list of the pairs I’ve loved for years and the exact styles I’m purchasing this season.

Top Denim Trends for Fall 2022

These are the fashion-forward options trickling down from the runways. You don’t need to add any of these to your wardrobe, but hopefully one piques your interest (or is a silhouette you can bring back from years past!). Below are the biggest denim trends for 2022.

1. Flare and Bootcut Jeans

Flare, bootcut, and kick crop jeans are having a comeback. They’re similar with the main differences being the inseam and leg opening.

Bootcut reads classic with a fit that’s snug through the thighs but widens gently at the hem. Flare jeans have a dramatic leg opening and a retro vibe. I have one pair of high-rise flares (as seen here) and love them.

These silhouettes look best with a heel as seen on me here. If you want to wear this style with sneakers or flats, opt for a cropped or ankle length (showing ankle skin has a slimming effect).

2. Slim Straight-Leg Jeans

Slim straight is a great way to get an updated look without leaving the skinny jean comfort zone. I love these with a raw hem that leans modern, but sewn hems are out there too.

Shoes depend on the inseam; the key thing is to make sure your jeans aren’t bunching at the top of the shoe.

Citizens of Humanity Charlotte, Everlane Original Cheeky, Madewell Perfect Vintage, and AGOLDE Riley are four styles I have and love.

3. Loose Straight-Leg Jeans

Baggy jeans (AKA boyfriend or dad jeans) are the most trendy. Relaxed throughout the entire leg, they’re a throwback to early 2000s. The length can be cropped to full length to extra that bags.

We’re seeing a lot of baggy styles with lug sole boots and chunky sandals, but if that doesn’t appeal to your style, try them with classic accessories and fitted separates for a more refined take.

I have this AGOLDE pair and wear them with heeled shoes and a fitted top. This RE/DONE pair I found recently looks amazing with a simple tank.

4. Wide Leg Jeans

The wide-leg jeans trend might just be my favorite. These fit wider from hip to ankle but have no flare. They’re available in crop, ankle, and full-length.

This style looks amazing with a heel, and over the summer I wore my wide leg jeans with tucked blouses and blazers for evening as seen here.

5. Cargo Pants and Trousers

Trousers are everywhere this year, and while many of the most popular styles aren’t technically denim, I had to include them because the trend is just too big to ignore! We’re seeing everything from tailored, office-friendly pants to pleated loose-fit styles to refined, kick-crops.

Styling the loose versions can be tricky because you’re putting extra volume on what many women consider a “problem area.” The trick is to maintain a waistline with a fitted or tucked top (as seen here on me) and to pair close layers, like a tailored blazer.

Denim Refresh: My Favorite Pairs + What I’m Adding

Denim is what most of us reach for when we don’t want to think too hard about what to wear. For that reason, I gravitate toward a few favorite brands that I’ve found to fit reliably well. Below is a shortlist of the denim I’ll be rewearing this fall and the new pairs I ordered to try.

jean styles for 2022

Long-Time Favorites

  • Levi’s Wedgie Icon Fit: Though not skinny jeans, they have a slimmer fit than slim straight pairs. I love how they look with flats, low-shaft booties, and sneakers. They’re under $100 and also come in a light wash. True to size.
  • Madewell Perfect Vintage: The millennial’s answer to the straight leg trend! They’re high-waisted, fitted through the thigh, and slim straight from the knee down. Lots of washes, from light to mid-wash to dark. True to size.
  • RE/DONE 70s Stove Pipe Straight: My favorite true straight leg jeans to date. They’re ankle to crop length (depending on your height) and easy to style with sneakers, high-shaft booties, sandals, heels, and flats. True to size.
  • Everlane Original Cheeky Jean: Slim through the hips and thighs, but straight beneath the knee, these are one of my most-recommended pairs under $100. They stretch, so size down! I’m always a 26 and purchase 24 in this style.

New Additions

  • AGOLDE Riley Crop: If you’re looking for an everyday fall jean, these are wonderful. I love the cropped length for flats and sneakers. The raw hem gives them an updated feel while the fit is classic. True to size.
  • Citizens of Humanity Charlotte: I have several Charlottes and they’re the jeans I feel the most attachment to. They feel like you could have them for a decade and pass them down. Slim though the hip and thigh with a little room through the calf and ankle. Amazing for boots, flats, sandals—they are truly a year-round jean. I ordered this pair for fall and absolutely love them.
  • Ulla Johnson Straight Leg Jeans: My splurge pair of jeans for the fall/winter, they are everything I hoped they’d be. I styled them in this brown and teal outfit. A true straight, full-length style a la the ’90s. So flattering and look amazing with heels for date night.
  • Levi’s Ribcage Bootcut: I made the mistake of getting rid of my bootcut jeans after college, and the joke’s on me because fashion is cyclical! I have the Levi’s Ribcage style in other silhouettes and love them, so I ordered this on-trend bootcut pair for fall. See them on me here.

Which jeans silhouette are you excited to try for 2022? Any of the new trends resonating with you? Any that are an immediate no for you or that you’re having trouble figuring out how to style? I’d love to hear in the comments!

fall 2022 denim trends guide
2022 jean trends guide
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Denim Refresh: Jean Trends for Fall 2022