10 Stylish Short Suit Sets to Wear this Summer

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Short suit sets took off as a trend a few years ago, took a hiatus, and came back full force for summer fashion. If you’re looking for cute short suit sets for women that mix and match to create multiple suiting options, I’ve got you covered.

What I love about the short suit set trend is that it’s ushered in a wide variety of suiting styles. There are endless price points, colors, fabrics, and prints to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a short set for work or a casual set for weekend, there’s something for everyone.

Today I’m sharing short suit sets that will help you rock this trend this summer. See my top 10 favorites below.

blazer suit set with shorts
summer suiting blazer with high-waisted shorts

Outfit Details: Central Park West Blazer, Cami NYC Camisole, Vince High-Waisted Shorts, Amazon the Drop Heels, See by Chloe Bag

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I had a chance to see this linen blazer and short suit set in person while shopping in Charleston and fell in love with the breezy blue color. They have an open-back sweater tank that would go beautifully with it for a casual setting.

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I picked up these shorts earlier in the summer and smiled big when I saw they made a matching blazer to go with. These are polyester, so best for the end of summer into fall, but I love the tailoring. It’s sleek while lending an airy feel that works for a casual office setting.

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Cinq a Sept designs one of my favorite blazers of all time, so the boucle version of it and the matching shorts had to be on this list. It comes in several colors, but the crisp white (blazer here, shorts here) and baby blue (blazer here, shorts here) are the standouts.

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how to wear a short suit set
best short suit sets for summer
womens suit blazer with summer shorts
short suit set for women

How to Wear a Shorts Suit

What’s so great about short suit sets is that they look chic styled together but can also pair with other separates in your closet to create endless looks. For example, the lightweight blazer I’m wearing in this post would go just as beautifully over a coordinating flowy dress, but I could toss it on with a midi skirt and heeled sandals, with a crop top and high-waisted pants, or with long satin pants and a summer sweater.

Similarly, the shorts in any set will go with your favorite sleeveless top and sandals for a casual look. Or dress them up with a satin blouse, heels, and summer cardigan for a night out.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for your first short suit set:

  1. Go Tailored: I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of oversized anything. I find fitted tailoring much more flattering, and that applies to summer suiting. You’ll be going against the grain shopping for a fitted set. You can tailor any set if needed. Small adjustments should cost less than $100 and can take the fit from “good” to “made for you.”
  2. Opt for Neutrals if Possible: Color is all the rage in women’s suits at the moment, but keep in mind that neutrals, like navy, white, tan, and beige, are appropriate for numerous occasions. If you choose patterned, opt for subtle prints that pair easily with accessories (pinstripe vs. plaid). I chose this sage blazer because I have a pieces in complementary colors (blue, white, and mauve).
  3. Ignore the Pockets: For many items of clothing, functional pockets are critical. However, using pockets on short suit sets can distort the silhouette. It’s fine if they’re there for aesthetics, but don’t plan on using them.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when styling a short suit set:

  1. Separate or Together: The first order of business is to decide if you’re wearing your short suit as a set or styling them separately. When styling them together, you’ll want to introduce another color to break up the look. A pattern that incorporates the color of the set can also work. When wearing them separately, style them just like you would any other separate in your closet (see my casual shorts outfits, dressy shorts outfits, and white blazer outfit ideas for inspiration).
  2. Coordinate: Coordinating accessories will level up your look. For this post, I styled my sage blazer with a sage and blue floral blouse and white shorts. The print of the blouse would look just as good if I wore the blazer with its coordinating shorts.
  3. Try a Pattern: If your short suit set feels too pared back styled with neutrals try adding a print like I did with the cami. Other options are a printed hair scarf, headband, or bag.
  4. Belt It: A belt is a must if your set is oversized. It adds oomph! Belts emphasize your waist, give the eyes a place to rest, and add sophistication. I try to match my shoes with my belt in most cases for even more streamlining.
10 Stylish Short Suit Sets to Wear this Summer10 Stylish Short Suit Sets to Wear this Summer10 Stylish Short Suit Sets to Wear this Summer10 Stylish Short Suit Sets to Wear this Summer10 Stylish Short Suit Sets to Wear this Summer10 Stylish Short Suit Sets to Wear this Summer10 Stylish Short Suit Sets to Wear this Summer10 Stylish Short Suit Sets to Wear this Summer