In the Kitchen Fall Edition: What I’m Eating

What I Eat in a Day Fall Edition

A pattern of eating well makes life so much easier—you know what I mean? You’re in a routine, there are less choices to make throughout the day, and you feel more confident. That being said, healthy eating can get so monotonous. That’s one of the reasons I change up what I’m eating by season. It helps keep food a little more fun by way of exploration! If you’re in the mood for a delightful change, consider indulging in the seasonal joy with a chocolate cookies delivery to add a sweet touch to your culinary adventures.

You guys love when I share my meals on Instagram (see the “Healthy Eats” highlight), so here’s what I eat in a day—fall edition.

What I Eat in a Day this Fall

6:00AM Coffee

Vanilla or hazelnut nespresso with cream

9:00AM Breakfast

I have a smoothie EVERY day. 1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup cashew milk, 1 scoop protein. Lately I’ve been adding peppermint extract & it tastes like a mint chocolate chip milkshake—I’m not exaggerating. Here’s the blender I use.

12:00pm Lunch

Homemade salad with kale, butter lettuce, red onion, scallions, rotisserie chicken breast, jalapeño, shredded carrots, goat cheese, and cilantro. I add salt and pepper to taste. Mix 1 tbsp of balsamic + 1 tbsp of dijon mustard as dressing.

4:00/5:00pm Snack

Usually I’ll have one of the following:

– Veggies and Roots hummus

– Apple with cinnamon

Siggi’s yogurt with Fiber One cereal

No Cow bar (PB chocolate chip)

Lime & Salt Popcorn

7:00pm Dinner

Varies! Favorites have been:

– Spaghetti squash with rotisserie chicken and steamed green beans

– Quesadilla: sprouted grain wrap, chicken, salsa, peppers, light cheese, greek yogurt as sour cream

– Teriyaki salmon with roasted vegetables and brown rice

– Lean pre-portioned steak (from Trader Joe’s) marinated in Soy Vey with sweet potatoes and a veggie

– Chicken noodle soup (Whole Foods’ is incredible) and salad with fennel & pomegranate seeds

9:30pm Dessert/Late Night Snack

I try to have a healthy version of what I crave and save the good stuff for the weekend:

Cookie Dough Yasso bar

– Dark chocolate

– Siggi’s yogurt with Lily’s chocolate chips mixed in


If you’re into health and wellness, you might enjoy my detailed fall morning routine, some healthy afternoon snack ideas, or my favorite fitness finds on Amazon. Do you like seeing “what I eat” content? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram!