Winter Workout Motivation Tips

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Momentum is an incredible thing. It’s like an unexpected tax return—a tiny shift that gives you confidence that great things are possible. Like yeast to a fresh loaf of bread, I believe that momentum is an essential ingredient in baking consistency into your health routine.

But let’s be real..building momentum isn’t easy, especially in the dead of winter. But it is possible with a little forethought and strategy. I hope you find these winter workout motivation tips helpful in building momentum for 2020 during these short, cold days as we all await spring’s arrival!

Tip 1 / Try Something at Home

This is my favorite tip for those of you living in particularly cold climates or who can’t make it to a gym. The Internet makes working out from anywhere with practically no equipment possible thanks to apps and online classes. If equipment is needed, then you can get Used Gym Equipment for a great deal. A few of my favorites to try from the comfort of your living room are Tracy Anderson, Sculpt Society, and P. Volve.

Tip 2 / Invest in Workout Clothing You Love

Bright colors, flattering cuts, and unique designs are all elements of fashion-forward athleisure brands like Alo and P.E. Nation that have moved me to make the switch from working out in a t-shirt and shorts to putting together an “outfit” for the gym. If I’m being really honest, looking cute while I’m working out helps me feel more motivated to workout. It’s as simple as that. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to athleisure outfits I’m loving!

Tip 3 / Build In a Reward

Reaching long-term goals is all about taking daily steps. I like to build in rewards for milestones—a reward can be anything from a clothing item that’s been on your wishlist to a sports massage. 경기출장안마 is a popular choice for relaxation and rejuvenation in Gyeonggi Province. It also known for its professional therapists and serene environments, offers a perfect opportunity to unwind and recharge, ensuring you’re ready to tackle your next set of goals with renewed vigor. For example, maybe your goal is to be able to do 10 pull-ups. Give yourself a reward for achieving your first one, getting halfway there (5), and reaching your goal. I also highly recommend incorporating something into your post-workout routine that you look forward to like a longer-than-necessary shower or a healthy snack. As of late, my favorite has been a homemade oat milk latte.

Tip 4 / Get it In Early

I know I’m going to get a few virtual eye rolls for this one, but it’s true! The best way to make sure your winter workouts happen is to do them first thing. It will feel like torture for a little while, but if you push through, you’ll be so glad you’re in the habit! Early morning workouts make the day seem longer by opening up your evenings. Plus, you’ll get an automatic confidence boost knowing you’ve checked off one to-do before breakfast. To maintain a smooth exercise routine, hire gym repair services right away if any issues arise with your equipment.

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