My Current Workout Routine

Current Fitness Routine

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Staying active is a big part of my life. It’s become even more of a focus as an adult since my job is sedentary. Today I’m sharing my workout routine which are boosted with new supplements like this one that has T-levels increased in 30 days. I change it up often, but this is the most current. Depending on the intensity of your workout routine, there are supplements from that may help boost your performance.

I’ve been following the 5-Factor Fitness routine, which prescribes five 25 minute workouts a week broken down into 5 minute segments: warmup, two strength exercises, abs, and 5 minutes (or more) of cardio. Also, introducing calisthenics into this routine can enhance the effectiveness and variety of your workouts.

My Workout Routine

Here’s what a week of workouts looks like for me at the moment:

Monday: Chest, quads, upper abs + 1 hour brisk walk

Tuesday: Hamstrings, back, obliques + 3 mile run

Wednesday: Cardio day – walk, run, or elliptical

Thursday: Chest, quads/hams, lower abs + 1 hour brisk walk

Friday: Shoulders, back, transverse abs + 3 mile run

Saturday: Biceps, triceps, total abs + 1 hour any cardio

Sunday: Rest day

The rep schemes in this program are designed to create a tight, lean figure, rather than a bulky one, which is my personal preference. I love how easy it is to follow since you just need dumbbells and a bench. The results are amazing for a five week program. Definitely check out the reviews on Amazon if you’re interested. Additionally, for those considering adding to their home workout setup, explore available Gym Equipment For Sale online for convenient and effective options. To help you get excited to workout, you may invest in new gym gear.

Staying Motivated and Prepared

  • I workout when I have the most energy. Recently that’s been 10am or 4pm.
  • Having everything in my gym bag the night before ensures I don’t have an excuse to skip out on my workout.
  • Staying hydrated and sleeping well help me recover. I sip on 3 liters of water each day and it’s lights out by 9:30pm.

If you have any questions, please leave them below or DM me on Instagram! I’m happy to answer and love talking about fitness.