My Honest Review of Davines Hair Products

Davines Hair Products Review

I tend to be a creature of habit when it comes to hair and rarely change up my cut, color, or products. Back in the winter, my salon started carrying a new-to-me brand, Davines, that I didn’t even consider until my favorite detangler was out of stock and my stylist encouraged me to give Davines a go.

As it turns out, the product (OI Milk spray) blew me away. Davines gifted me a few more things from their line when I shared how much I loved the Hair Milk on Instagram, so today I wanted to share my honest review of everything I’ve tried so far.

Overall Thoughts on Davines

Davines falls into the luxury category, so the price points will not make sense for everyone. If you’re not in need of high-quality hair care to address a specific issue, there are plenty of hair lines you can find that cost a good bit less.

But if hair is one of the categories you like to spend on and you want high-quality, effective products that truly do what they promise when it comes to your hair’s health, these products are well worth it in my opinion.

For context, I’d been using Oribe for every step of my hair care routine for over five years, and within a month of using Davines, I decided to completely switch lines. (As a note, I still love Oribe and highly recommend it—you can read my Oribe reviews for more info).

During the time period when I had both lines in the house, more often than not I found myself reaching for Davines. They just smell so lovely and the natural ingredient list is appealing. Once I hit my 30s, I started to notice my hair losing its luster, ease of movement, and softness and felt that Davines took things up a few more notches than Oribe ever did all while costing slightly less.

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Davines Reviews

Davines Reviews by Product

OI Shampoo

This is the best shampoo I’ve ever used. To me, the perfect shampoo removes all the residue without stripping hair while also adding a silkiness that doesn’t weigh it down, and OI Shampoo does just that. The clean feel gives me volume at the root while the smoothness encourages movement and luster. Note that you do need to scrub thoroughly as it doesn’t lather quickly due to the natural ingredients. I feel like my hair aged backward 15 years with this product. I highly recommend starting with the Davines OI Shampoo and the OI Conditioner if you’re new to the brand!

NouNou Shampoo

Once I told my hairstylist I’d switched to Davines at her recommendation, she encouraged me to try the Davines NouNou shampoo for added hydration. I like it but not as much as the OI Shampoo. It’s very moisturizing, but since I have fine hair, I didn’t like the extra weight from the moisture. If you have really dry strands or heavily processed hair, this could be a nice option to try.

OI Conditioner

A lightweight yet moisturizing conditioner that keeps my thick, textured, colored hair feeling manageable, soft, and bouncy with less frizz. It leaves behind no residue when washed thoroughly, so you can extend the time between washes if you want. Smells amazing but is not perfumey. My husband uses it too (he has long hair for a man) and it helps reduce the “poofiness” so that his hair requires less styling product.

OI All in One Milk

The two products mentioned above work so well together that I don’t even need a leave-in detangler (I used to rely on one even after conditioning), but the OI Milk just adds that little extra oompf to make brushing through and styling a little easier. A little goes a long way (I use 5-7 sprays) and then comb through. It amps up moisture and softness regardless of the style I’m doing.

OI Hair Serum

A simple hair serum done right. I use this when I’m wearing a slicked-back bun and want to tame strays along my hairline or by my ears. Adds a healthy sheen when you’re air drying but without a greasy, oily look or feel whatsoever! I’m still on my first bottle after about 6 months (I use 1 pump on towel-dried hair).

OI Hair Butter

I like to use the OI Hair Butter once a week as a deep conditioning hair mask or any time my hair looks dryer than usual (after extended sun exposure or color treatment, for example). Like the OI Hair Serum, a little goes a long way. I only need about a quarter size for my long hair. Smells amazing and leaves hair soft and supple.

Where to Buy Davines

Quite possibly the only downside of Davines is that it can be challenging to find in-store and online. I’ve seen Davines sold at professional salons, directly on Davines’ website, and at the following retailers:

Are Davines Products Good?

About Davines

Davines is an Italian hair care brand (pronounced “dah-VEE-ness”) that offers a range of hair products, from shampoos to conditioners and hair treatments, and was founded in Parma, Italy in 1983.

The brand has become known for its focus on sustainability and commitment to natural ingredients. Many Davines hair products are free of sulfates, parabens, and artificial colors, but it depends on the specific product. Most are formulated with essential oils and plant extracts.

Their product lines are named for the need they address (MoMo for moisture, NouNou for nourishing, etc.). Whether you have curly hair, damaged hair with breakage, frizzy hair, dry hair, flat hair, or colored hair, it’s likely there’s a Davines line that fits your needs.

Are Davines Products Good?

I’ll review each product I’ve used in detail below, but generally speaking, yes. I fell in love with Davines almost immediately, and according to my hairstylist, they’re well-regarded by hair care professionals.

Of course, your experience with hair care will vary from mine based on your hair type and personal preferences! But to me, Davines hair products stand out for four reasons:

  • Effectiveness for a variety of issues
  • Scents (pleasant, not overwhelming)
  • Luxurious textures (but leaves no residue)
  • Natural ingredients

If you’ve tried Davines since I shared it, you’ll have to let me know what you think! I was an Oribe loyalist for such a long time (and those products are still such solid choices in the hair care world), but the Davines line has been just what I needed for keeping my color-treated hair healthy in my 30s.