Favorite Coffee Table Books

As the days get longer, we get more light in our sunroom and living room, which always makes me eager to refresh them. We spend so much time in these rooms, especially during the warmer months, so I try to make them as peaceful and inviting as possible.

Coffee table books are among my favorite practical decor accessories—they’re pretty to flip through and serve as a base layer on tables and shelves. Below, some of my most loved coffee books, in case you’re looking to refresh your rooms this season.

A Few Tips

  • Having a few larger books, which tend to be more expensive, is key to filling in gaps on large console tables and shelves.
  • I get most of mine from Amazon, but flea markets, antique stores, and estate sales are great sources too.
  • I opt for neutral books for an uncluttered look, but choose what feels good to you!
  • Don’t be afraid to remove the dust jacket of a used book—it can make it look brand new.

Under $50

See them live in this Instagram post.

In Our Home

Neutral Books

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