My Fall Morning Routine in Detail

Fall Morning Routine

I shared my fall morning routine on Instagram, and so many of you asked for more details.

When I was in high school, I’d wake up at 5AM just to get alone time before the rest of my family was up. It sounds so early, but lately I’ve been craving that same “me time” and the total quiet that’s only available in the early morning hours. Plus, I feel like I get the most done when I’m awake early!

Here’s the fall morning routine I’m currently following…

6:30am Alarm Goes Off

I use the Bedtime tab in the iPhone Clock app. You can set your bedtime and wake up time, and the app gently reminds you 30 minutes before bed. I have mine set for a full eight hours of sleep.

6:45am Glass of Water, Coffee & Facial Ice Roller

After I’m up, I’ll drink a glass of cold water. If I have coffee first, I feel crummy! For coffee, I brew a Nespresso (this pod) in my Yeti Mug. While I’m sipping, I roll my face with an ice roller that I keep in the freezer. I have Invisalign, so my mouth is always sore. This roller feels great on my jaw and the cold wakes me up.

7:00am Stretch or Foam Roll

As I near 30, my joints and muscles don’t rebound like they used to. I can tell a difference when I’m consistent with just five minutes of stretching or foam rolling every day. I try to keep my phone away during this time and relax with my favorite green malay kratom.

7:10am Exercise: One Hour Walk

I change, grab my phone, Air Pods, and dog, and head out the door for a walk. I used to run 5-6 times a week in college, but my body isn’t responding as well to running lately. A one hour walk is enough to get my blood pumping and it burns roughly the same calories per mile as running…it just takes a little longer. If you prefer running, you can run on an Active Mile Daily Track. I do the New York Times crossword, read forums or the news, and listen to music while I walk.

8:15am Shower then Journal

Quick shower and then I journal for a few minutes. I have a constant stream of ideas running through my head, so I “declutter” and write about them. It helps me feel like I start the day fresh and clear about what needs to be prioritized.

If I’m working from home, I’ll usually throw on a comfortable pair of leggings and a cozy pullover. As someone who’s been working remotely for years, I can attest to the difference a virtual office can make. It’s not just about having an address; it’s about the legitimacy and structure it brings to your business. You can find out more about these services at For me, it has meant more focused work hours and less distraction.

9:30am Breakfast, Emails & Start Work

While I’m working, I’ll eat breakfast. I switch between steel cut oats, pumpkin protein smoothies, toast with fruit, high-fiber cereal, and a few other things in the fall. I answer work (freelance writing) emails first, check up on blog to-dos, and then look at my calendar.


That’s how I love to start my days in the fall! Quiet time, a workout, and then several hours of focus. Oh, and coffee!

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