Moto Jacket Guide: How to Find & Style the Right One for You

A moto jacket is one of those wardrobe pieces that I feel is inarguably an essential for all women. Throughout the year, I find myself reaching for both my suede and leather moto jackets—they’re the perfect layering piece, providing warmth and an effortless finish to practically any look.

Today, I’m making a case for why this is a year-round wardrobe staple and sharing 10 moto jacket outfit ideas.

If you’re convinced, you’ll find a shortlist of my favorite suede, leather, and faux leather motos at the end. Let’s jump in!

How to Pick the Best Moto Jacket

1. Set Your Budget

This trendy style has a huge range of price points, from under $100 to thousands. If you already love motos and consider them a wardrobe staple, I recommend setting your budget from a cost-per-wear perspective and finding a genuine leather or suede option. If you’re new to moto jackets, a faux leather motorcycle jacket or faux suede jacket under $100 or $200 is a great way to test out the style.

2. Consider Material

Once you set your budget, it’s time to decide between genuine leather, vegan leather, faux leather, or suede. A real leather jacket is the most expensive and difficult to care for, but it gains a richness and softness over time that’s hard to beat. Suede moto jackets are some of my favorites for fall, and I love faux leather styles in light tones for spring. 

3. Consider Color

Moto jackets are available in dozens of colors, from classic black leather to taupe, white, olive, red, burgundy, and so many more. If it’s your first moto, I recommend opting for a versatile, neutral color that will pair with a wide variety of clothing. You can’t go wrong with a black moto jacket!

4. Consider Fit and Length

Next to consider are fit and length. There are a couple of camps when it comes to moto jacket sizing, and it really depends on your body type and what you want to get out of it. Some people say size up so that you can zip it with layers underneath, but I prefer a fitted moto jacket and never zip mine. A slim fit look is more flattering, and you can always add a scarf for warmth.

The hemline of the moto you chose should hit where your hip and leg meet (it should touch or cover the belt loops of your jeans), but if you’re purchasing something to go with dresses, go for a cropped look that hits at the smallest part of your waist.

My Favorite Women’s Moto Jackets

If you’re not sure where to shop, I’ve included some of my favorite options at high and low price points below. The brands whose jackets I own and can personally vouch for include Madewell, IRO, Abercrombie & Fitch (great vegan leather options), Avec Les Filles (love their faux fur and shearling styles), and Blank NYC. I’ve also heard incredible things about Cole Haan, Nordstrom in-house brands, Free People, Joie, Topshop, Theory, and Levi’s.

Genuine Leather Moto Jackets

I have the classic leather motorcycle jacket in black from Madewell (seen here). It fits true to size.

Faux Leather Moto Jackets

I have the taupe faux leather biker jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch (seen here). It fits true to size.

Suede Moto Jackets

I have the suede moto jacket from Blank NYC. It fits true to size. This Theory authentic suede moto jacket has been on my radar for a long time.

What is a Moto Jacket?

A moto jacket is a short, close-fitting jacket that resembles what motorcyclists wear as protective gear. They’re sometimes called biker jackets. The moto trend actually started in men’s clothing but was passed on to women, and I’m so glad because these best sellers are one of the easiest ways to add a sleek, cool vibe to any look!

How to Style a Moto Jacket

If you’ve never worn one or are stumped for ideas, here are 10 moto jacket outfit ideas to get your wheels turning! You can click some of the outfit ideas to see an example.

Winter/Fall Moto Jacket Outfits

  1. For the Weekend: Wool Hat or Beanie, Sweater, Jeans, Ankle Booties 
  2. For a Coffee Run: Black Cashmere Sweater, Black Skinny Jeans, White Sneakers
  3. For Brunch: Fall Dress, Ankle Boots
  4. For a Day in the City: Long Sleeve Tee, Black Skinny Jeans, Combat Boots
  5. For Date Night: Faux Leather Leggings/Coated Pants, Sweater, Heeled Boots
  6. For the Airport: Boyfriend Jeans, Oversized Sweater, Sneakers

Summer/Spring Moto Jacket Outfits

  1. Casual Fridays at the Office: Sleeveless Blouse, Tailored Shorts, Slingbacks
  2. For the Weekend: Jeans, Button Down or Bodysuit, Sneakers
  3. For a Coffee Run: Jeans, White Cotton T-Shirt, Sneakers
  4. For Girls’ Night Out: Lace Camisole, Pumps, Mini Skirt
  5. For Date Night: Slip Dress with Sandals

There you have it! I hope this mini guide provides you with a little clarity when it comes to finding the right moto for your closet. For more outerwear recommendations by season, check out the 5 types of lightweight jackets to wear in spring, the 9 essential fall jacket styles for women, or the winter coat guide.

If you want more moto jacket style inspiration, be sure to follow along in the Shop and on Instagram, where I share daily looks, including leather jacket outfits, throughout the year. xo!