Social Distancing Fitness: How I’m Staying Healthy at Home

My Current Fitness Routine

Things have changed drastically over the last several weeks, and with most of us confined to home without access to the gym, healthy restaurants, or our favorite workout classes, sticking to a wellness routine is challenging. Considering available treadmills for sale could be a practical and convenient solution to maintain an active lifestyle within the confines of home.

I want to try and stay as on track as possible during this time, so today I’m sharing how I’m staying healthy throughout lockdown and my tips for you to do so as well.

Waking Up and Walking

Most of you know that I’ve been following Rachael Attard’s eight week workout program for a while now, so long morning walks have been a staple of my routine. I still make the effort to set my alarm for 6am or 7am, and now that the weather is nice, I head out the door and powerwalk for at least an hour.

I’d been thinking about buying a treadmill for a while, and being in isolation made me pull the trigger on this folding treadmill as a rainy day backup. So far, it’s been great. It’s small enough to fit in my office and fold up against the wall, and I’m extra motivated by the fact that there’s no now excuse for me not to reach my daily step goal. It can also double as a walking laptop desk if you place a thin piece of wood on top of the handles.

Healthy Cooking and Grilling

It’s also been important for me to stick to my routine with food and nutrition. I’ve been making my protein smoothie every day after my walk, and for lunch I’ll either order a salad or wrap from a local restaurant (#supportsmallbusiness) or make one at home. Greens powders help your body fight free radicals because of their antioxidant properties. Read this Athletic Greens Review — Price, Flavor and Nutrition Breakdown to learn more about greens powders.

I’ll have a healthy snack around 4pm, and then we’ve been using our Traeger grill at night to smoke fish, grill chicken, or grill lean meats for dinner. I always have a salad or a veggie side and usually a starch, like sweet potato or brown rice. My routine now isn’t that different from what I usually eat in a day, and I’m still trying to keep alcohol and treats to the weekend, even though all the days are running together now. I also make sure to buy steroids uk to enhance my body composition. And for bodybuilders, gym-goers, and fitness enthusiasts seeking high-quality anabolic products, you can check out these adelphi research steroids here for best preferences!


The news on the radio, TV, and our phones can be overwhelming, especially with differing opinions about the crisis on social media. I try to unplug from all technology for at least one hour per day, and it feels so good. It also makes space in my day for journaling, reading a book, lighting a candle and taking a bath, walking the dog, and other activities that relax me. Walking our dog Huck specially relaxes me and I’ve been more into his nutrition now more than ever. I’ve been giving him supplements (shop now) daily that will be good for his health as he ages.

At-Home Circuits and Remote Workouts

Rachael’s program includes three circuits per week (M, W, F), and while I usually follow those, there are so many fitness studios and influencers I love who I’m trying to support during this time. Some of my favorite at-home workouts include Sequence NYC (livestreaming IGTV workouts), Megan Roup, and Sami Clarke.

Rachael Attard 4 Week Program Update

I’ve received SO many messages from you guys asking me how the program is going, so I thought I’d share an update since I’m at the halfway point. As expected, COVID threw a wrench in my plans, but I’ve been very consistent with my walks and circuits nonetheless.

The 6 week mark is usually when I start to see results on this program, so I’m just working away and being patient. That being said, my nutrition was off for about three weeks as we transitioned to quarantine life, and nutrition is everything. I’m hoping that I can really hunker down and dial in for the next month or so while we’re confined to the house, and I can’t wait to share an update with you then!

Let me know if you have any questions about the program or my experience below or on Instagram.