T3 Micro Curling Iron Review: Is it Worth It?

$150 can buy you a lot of things, but should a curling iron be one of them? If you’ve been browsing curlers online, you’ve probably come across the T3 Micro, a rose gold and white ceramic curler. Sure, it’s pretty, but is it worth the cost? I’ve owned mine for 5+ years and am highlighting everything you need to know to make a confident decision in this T3 Micro Curling Iron review.


My Honest T3 Curling Iron Review

Below is a quick summary of my thoughts, in case you’re in a hurry. Read further for details on how it’s made, how it works, what makes it special, and which T3 option is best for you.

My review of the T3 Curler: I’ve tried dozens of curlers over the years, and I love my T3. It heats up extremely quickly, eliminates tons of frizz (I have wavy, thick, long hair), minimizes styling time with consistent heat, does everything from loose waves to 50s curls, and—bonus—it’s really pretty. The adjustable heat settings are excellent for different hair types and styles, my curls last all day, and I’ve had no damage from it whatsoever. Overall, the T3 Micro curlers are a major upgrade from brands I’ve used in the past, like Babyliss, Revlon, Chi, DryBar, and Conair.

To clarify, T3 sells several curler variations (see below). I own the convertible base and the Polished Curls (1.25”) and Voluminous Curls (1.5”) clip barrel attachments, and the Touseled Waves tapered attachment.

Who Should Buy the T3 Curler?

  • You want styling to be easy and fast
  • You want a curler that styles more than one way
  • You want curls that last
  • You’re prone to accidentally leaving their curling iron on
  • You want a curler that looks pretty and works well

Who Should Avoid the T3 Curler?

  • Your budget is under $125
  • You have extremely brittle/damaged hair
  • You have beginner-level styling skills

What Makes T3 Curlers So Special?

In short, when T3 was founded, the brand set out to deliver styling tools that are not only tech-forward and safer for your hair but aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. In my experience, that’s exactly what you get with a T3 Curling Iron.

Beyond the oh-so-pretty rose gold and white styling, here’s what makes the T3 Curling Irons and Curling Wands special:

  • One Pass Technology—T3 Singlepass® Technology is built-in tech that ensure you get the curl in one pass, so say au revior to redoing the same piece over and over.
  • Smart Heat Levels—All T3 curlers have 4-5 heat settings and a microchip that continuously monitors heat to make sure it’s optimum and consistent. I can actually tell that the entire section of hair is evenly heated.
  • Lasting Curls—I’m honestly not sure why, but the T3 Beachy waves and curls hold—even without hairspray. And I usually only need 1-2 minutes to touch up day-old curls.
  • Versatility—T3 offers several curler options, including non-convertible clip and wand irons, but the interchangeable base and attachments are where it’s at. You start with the convertible base, then add whatever barrels you want to customize a set that suits the styles you wear most often.
  • 1 Hour Auto Off—The anxiety of “shoot, did I turn my curler off?!” is all too familiar. The auto shutoff after one hour is one of my favorite features of T3 curlers and straighteners.
  • Thoughtful Design Details—I’m such a believer that it’s the small details that take a curler from good to wait you NEED this. Yes, the T3 looks gorgeous, but it also has a small “foot” to prevent countertop damage, a swivel cord to prevent tangling, and a cool tip for an effortless styling experience.

Which T3 Micro Curler Should You Get?

If you click “Curling Irons” on T3Micro.com, you have the option to build your own (the Convertible Collection I mentioned above), but you can also buy a single-size Clip Iron or Wand Iron styler (not interchangeable) if you find yourself gravitating toward one barrel type 99% of the time. Here’s a quick overview of the different options.

T3 Interchangeable Base + Attachments

For ladies who enjoy styling and want to change up their look. The base is $95 and the attachments are ~$100 each. I started with the 1.25” clip and bought more as my budget allowed. I use the 1.5” clip usually as it can grab huge sections of my hair and curl it fast. It has five heat settings and the attachment locking mechanism is super fluid and secure.

T3 Whirl Trio

The Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand is T3’s styling wand set that includes the interchangeable base and three wand barrels. Purchasing the set gives you a little more bang for your buck. Great if you like tousled waves (tapered barrel), spiral waves (1” straight barrel), and glamorous waves (1.5” straight barrel). Includes a heat-resistant glove and soft travel tote.

T3 Twirl Trio

The Twirl Trio is the same concept as the Whirl Trio but swaps the wand barrels for three clip barrels. Another great option for people who want to save a little money on multiple attachments. Best if you like polished curls (1” clip barrel), defined curls or perfect curls (1.25” clip barrel), and voluminous curls (1.5” clip barrel). Includes a soft travel tote.

T3 Singlepass Curl 1.25”

T3 also sells standard curling irons and wands that are not interchangeable. These are the simplest and most affordable option. T3 carries many, but the Singlepass Curl ID 1.25” is their best seller. It’s a tourmaline, professional ceramic curling iron with custom blend ceramic plates that give a shiny finish. Same technology as the convertible collection but includes a dial for heat settings (not a button). Great if you use one size for everything.


Which professional curling iron is better, the T3 Micro or the GHD?

I’ve used both, so it depends. If I had to choose a one curling iron for the rest of my life that wasn’t interchangeable, I’d go with GHD simply because I’ve tried it (I haven’t tried the non-convertible T3 curlers). Both are great, but GHD doesn’t offer interchangeable barrel curlers. If different looks are your thing, definitely go with T3.

Where can I buy a Digital T3 Singlepass Curler?

The T3 smart curling irons, curling wands, flat irons, blow dryers and other hot tools and styling irons are available at online at Ulta, Sephora, Amazon, Revolve, and Nordstrom. I got mine from Ulta and Revolve (because #freeshipping).

Do professional stylists recommend the T3 Micro curlers?

Yes, my hairstylist doesn’t use anything else! She loves the luxe design, but it also stays hot as she’s working through appointments, works for hair styling all her clients with different hair textures and hair types, and has auto-shutoff.

Are all T3 curling irons interchangeable?

No, just the interchangeable base and attachments, which are also included in the T3 Whirl and T3 Twirl sets. T3 Micro also makes a BodyWaver, curling irons, and curling wands that are sold in set sizes and are not convertible. 

Is the T3 curling iron worth it?

If you regularly curl your hair, want an option that heats up fast and doesn’t damage your hair cuticle, want smooth, frizz-free curls, and enjoy hair tools with a pretty design, then 100% yes. T3 curling irons are some of the best curling irons on the market.

How do you use a T3 curler?

T3s can be used one million ways to achieve different hairstyles, depending on hair length, hair texture (curly hair vs. straight hair), and your skills. Here’s my everyday loose curls hair tutorial using the T3.

What do you think of T3 Micro’s other styling tools?

I have yet to try out any hair products from T3 other than the curlers, but here’s what the brand offers and what others have said about them:

  • T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer—This is a (super cute!) compact ionic hair dryer for travel. Reviews are mixed. I think if size and power are your priorities, it may be worth it. Not good for an anti-frizz hair care routine.
  • T3 Cura Luxe—T3’s answer to the Dyson Hair Dryer. A professional-level dryer with high airflow. Attachments like diffusers sold separately. I’ve heard okay things, but reviews mention design flaws. If you want a salon blowout, get the Dyson Supersonic
  • T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe—A classic hot roller set for $120. They’re flocked with velvet but don’t seem better than drugstore rollers.
  • T3 Showerhead—We have excellent water, but if we didn’t, I’d give this a shot in a heartbeat. Water is a huge component of hair health and the longevity of hair color.
  • T3 Lucea—Their flat iron. I’m overdue for an upgrade from my Chi, so it’s on my wish list. This one has nine heat settings, a sleek design, and excellent reviews.

There you have it! Please feel free to leave me any questions about the T3 in the comment section or to send me a DM on Instagram. I love chatting with you guys and am happy to clear up anything I didn’t in the review! xo! 

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